• Gift box “Survivor”
    Gift box “Survivor”

    With this "Survivor" gift box you will show that we don't need anything else to survive after a long day. Contains: Young Red Listán Negro from the La Araucaria winery, Valle de La Orotava (Tenerife) Arberyal deer pâté (Galicia) Artisan Regañas or Picos in Olive Oil (Andalucia) Semi-cured goat cheese with oregano (Tenerife) If any […]

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  • Different Young Merlot 2020
    Different Young Merlot 2020

    Selected vintage of the Merlot grape variety. Cherry red with light violet touches, upper middle layer, intense, clean and bright colour. Fruity, with spicy notes of black pepper, cherries, blackberries and hints of mint. Very fresh. Palate: Round, young wine. Very balanced and with good structure. Grade: 13%.

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  • Different Merlot 4 months in Barrel
    Different Merlot 4 months in Barrel

    Selected vintage of the Merlot grape variety. Cherry red with light violet touches, high layer, clean and bright. Fruity, with spicy notes of black pepper, cherries, blackberries and toasted touches, frank and fresh. Palate: Unctuous, with a wide mouth and good structure. Degree: 13% Belonging to the DO. Guimar Valle

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  • Red Sweet George Glas
    Red Sweet George Glas

    Natural sweet wine made in 2015 with Listán Negro grapes previously sunny for ten days. Then he stepped on his feet for two days intermittently. Its fermentation was interrupted with the addition of wine alcohol to maintain 110 g/l of natural sugars. Since then, it has rested in barrels in oxidative aging together with a […]

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  • Viñatigo Assembly
    Viñatigo Assembly

    Made with Black Baboso + Tintilla + Black Vijariego. Garnet red color with a high layer, with violet tones. with high aromatic intensity, violets, black fruits, dark chocolate and spices, in the taste phase it is structured and powerful with a great palate. Very intense and persistent.

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  • Viñatigo Ancestral Red
    Viñatigo Ancestral Red

    Ancestrales Tinto is a combination of two different volcanic terroirs that come together to showcase the remarkable diversity of the Canary Islands. 50% Tintilla and 50% Baboso Negro, this is a delicate, gently aromatic wine with amazing density and texture. With notes of black fruit, minerals and an incredibly long finish, the kind of wine […]

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    Grado alcohólico: 13% vol Variedades: 65% Listán negro, 20% Tempranillo, 15% Negramoll Cata: Visualmente es límpido, brillante de color rojo cereza con ribetes violáceos que nos denotan juventud. En nariz predominan los aromas a frutos rojos, herbáceos, pimienta negra y notas minerales. En la boca encontramos un vino cariñoso que nos envuelve el paladar, es suave sin aristas, redondo y persistente. En el retrogusto nos recuerda los frutos rojos y herbáceos.

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  • vino tinto canario online Stanis
    Stanis Traditional Red Wine Bodegas Murcal

    Grape varieties • Listán negro. Tasting The Appearance: Clean, bright, middle layer. Cherry red and violet edges. The Nose: Smoked red fruits (raspberry), fig leaf. The Palate: Round, smooth, smooth and integrated tannins, balsamic. Vintage: 2019 Denomination of origin: Valle de La Orotava. Temperature serving: 10-12 ºC. Pairing Red and white meats, blue fish and […]

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  • vino tinto barrica canario viña estévez
    Viña Estévez Red Wine Barrel Aged 2017

    Made with noble Canarian varietals: Baboso negro 60%, "Vijariego negro" 20% and Listan Negro 20%. Coming from our vineyards, located on the north side of the Island of Tenerife.

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  • vino tinto canario baboso negro viña estévez
    Viña Estévez Baboso Negro 2017 Red Wine

    Made with 100% Baboso negro. Coming from our vineyards.

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Gift box “Survivor”
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Gift box “Survivor”

With this “Survivor” gift box you will show that we don’t need anything else to survive after a long day. Contains: Young Red Listán Negro from the La Araucaria winery, Valle de La Orotava (Tenerife) Arberyal deer pâté (Galicia) Artisan Regañas or Picos in Olive Oil (Andalucia) Semi-cured goat cheese with oregano (Tenerife) If any […]

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The Dry White Temptation
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The Dry White Temptation

Selected vintage of the Listán Blanco de Canarias and Moscatel de Alejandría grape varieties. Straw yellow, very bright and clean. Intense fruity aroma, white orange blossoms, with citrus notes, accompanied by balsamic aromas. Mouth: Balanced, fresh and persistent on the palate. Grade: 11.5% Service temperature: 8ºC.

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Enoteca Cuvée: Store in Tenerife specialized in wines and products from The Canary Islands

Sowing poetry on the lips with our selection of Canary Wines Tenerife shop specialized in Canarian products in La Orotava Cuvée Enoteca is a store specialized in the sale and distribution of Canarian wines and products and it is located in El Valle de La Orotava. We have a great selection of the best Canarian […]
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Tastings and visits to wineries in Tenerife

Wine tourism is in fashion! Visit the best wineries in Tenerife Live an fabulous experience with one of our tastings and visits to wineries in Tenerife. Book your guided visit to one of the most charming wineries on the island and share a different day with family and friends. We organize visits to wineries of […]

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The BEST Canarian products on your doorstep

At Cuvée Enoteca we have set out to bring you closer to home the richness of our land reflected in a wide catalog with the best Canarian wines. It does not matter if you live in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or any of the Islands, we deliver your order for Canarian wines at home!

In the Canary Islands, thanks to our microclimates and the particular orography of the terrain, we can cultivate a wide variety of vine types. This is reflected in the great diversity of Canarian wines, both varietals and coupages. Are you going to miss them?

Do you want to buy Tenerife wines at home online?

We have red, dry white, fruity, rosé wines... from Tenerife and other Canary Islands

Our physical store is located in the center of La Orotava, but we take your order home no matter what island you live on. Our home delivery service is fast and cheap and, as if that were not enough, we also offer free delivery throughout the island of Tenerife.

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Canarian single-varietal, varietal and multi-varietal wines of the BEST quality

In Europe, traditionally in the wine production, different grape varieties were always used, seeking to highlight the geographical origin of the wine, mixing the different typical varieties of the area. On the contrary, the American wine market places more value on enhancing the specific characteristics of the type of grape itself. Due to this, both the consumption and the production of varietal and monovarietal wines has been spreading in the old continent and also in the Canary Islands. Do you know the differences between a monovarietal, varietal and multivarietal wine?

Canarian Multivarietal Wines

The so-called multivarietal wines or coupages (if the assembly is done afterwards) are wines that have been made with different kinds of grapes. According to European regulations, none of them can have a concentration greater than 85% to be considered a multi-varietal wine. This technique allows for more balanced wines in which the winemaker plays a crucial role.

Some of the multi-varietal wines that we have available at Cuvée Enoteca are the following:

Canarian Varietal Wines

Varietal wines are those that have been produced with more than one grape variety, but that at least 85% of them come from the variety indicated on the bottle and by which it is defined as varietal. Some of the varietal wines that we have available for sale in the Canary Islands are the following:

Canarian single-varietal wines

Lastly, the monovarietals must be made entirely from a single grape variety. There are producers who do not distinguish between single-varietal and varietal wines and label their wines as the latter, even though they are made 100% from the same grape. If you are a lover of this kind of wine, at Cuvée Enoteca we offer you, among others, the following Canarian single-varietal wines:

Why buy Canarian wine online

Canarian wines: Volcanic wines with a very unique character

The wines of our Canary Islands are a very valuable heritage that, on many occasions, we do not know how to give the place it deserves. The "Canary", as it was called, was the favorite drink in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Throughout history many writers have recorded how wonderful our wine is:

  • Shakespeare: He mentioned the quality of Canarian wine in several of his works. For example, in one of the phrases in "Enrique V" it is said: "You have already taken many canaries and that is a wonderfully penetrating wine".
  • Casanova: The Italian "playboy" makes reference, on numerous occasions, in his memoirs to our wine. For example: "I started by making him eat a couple of cookies embedded in a bit of Canary and then I took her to the main part of the palace".
  • Herman Melville: The author of Moby Dick in his work "Benito Cereno" praises the quality of the wine from the Canary Islands.
  • John Keats: The British poet says: "Have ye tippled drink more fine than mine host's Canary wine?" in his famous poem "Lines On the Mermaid Tavern".

If you are still not convinced why you should buy Canarian wine, here are some more reasons.

The uniqueness and variety of Canarian volcanic wine

The peculiarity of our Canary Islands, with its microclimates and its volcanic soil, gives us the possibility of growing around 80 grape varieties, many of which are endemic to our territory. As for example the popular listán negro and blanco, the baboso negro, the aromatic malvasía, the vijariego or the forastera gomera. Furthermore, this terrestrial composition gives our Canarian wine that distinctive and unique mineral flavour. We are lucky that the aptly named "Fortunate Islands" are our home and that we can enjoy a great natural and cultural wealth that make the Canary Islands unique, and also their wines.

Canary Islands: Phylloxera Free Region

As we have already said, many times we do not value our land like it deserves. As regards viticulture, we are one of the four phylloxera-free regions of the world. This plague, originating in the USA, devastated much of the planet in the 19th century and caused a very serious wine crisis in Europe. This crisis was overcome, after decades of struggle, using American rootstocks that are naturally resistant to phylloxera. This practice is still necessary around the World to achieve the survival of the vine. In the Canary Islands, being free of this pest, we do not need to use these rootstocks. Our vineyard is planted directly in the ground, which also allows it to fully interact with the soil and its minerals.

Shall we taste a good Canarian red wine?

We have red wines from Tenerife to buy online

Of course! What better company for a meat dish than a good Canarian red wine? We put at your disposal our catalog of Canarian red wines both young and barrel aged or carbonic maceration. Be sure to try them, they will surely surprise you.

Young red wines from the Canary Islands

If you like the freshness and fruity flavour that young red wines from the Canary Islands present, we have a wide selection waiting for you. Among them you can find the following:

How long should a young wine be consumed?

As a general rule, it is not recommended to drink a young wine older than 5 years. Obviously, this duration will depend on many factors, such as the type of grape, the place of origin of the wine, the storage conditions, etc.

Red wines barrel aged from the Canary Islands

We also have red "barrel" wines from the islands, which have a slight barrel aging. If you like the freshness of young wines, but want to find that little touch of wood that makes them more complex, this kind of wine is right for you. Enjoy them in the aperitif, during the meal or on your quite afternoons at home, they are perfect for any occasion. In our store you can find, among others, the following:

Do we have a Canarian white wine?

What do you prefer? A dry white wine or a fruity white wine?

White wines from the Canary Islands are very popular, we have great richness and variety in terms of flavours, types of grapes, levels of sweetness and acidity. They are perfect to refresh the warm afternoons so typical in our Canary Islands. Choose the one you like the most and share a bottle with your family and friends.

Dry white wine

Accompany your fish, seafood and rice dishes with the best white wines from the Canary Islands. Enjoy every sip with the freshness and intensity of a good Canarian dry white wine. In our stock we have, among others, the following:

Fruity white wine. Find the perfect "blue bottle" for you

The demand and consumption of fruity white wines from the Canary Islands has been rising for a few years. These wines are very successful among almost all audiences, especially among young people and women thanks to the fact that they are light, elegant and aromatic. They are also very easy to drink. If you want to get drunk with the aroma of a good fruity white wine at Cuvée Enoteca, we have the following available, among others:

Fancy a Canarian rosé wine?

The Canarian wine that appeals to both young and old

A good Canarian rosé wine is the ideal accompaniment for any occasion and moment. You can drink it with a starter, but it also pairs perfectly with almost any dish, from red meat to rice or seafood. Enjoy our selection of rosé wines: