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Enjoy the magnificent gastronomy of the Islands! In CuveeEnoteca you can buy the best Canarian products. Be the best of hosts by offering your guests a craft beer from our land or treat yourself to a culinary treat with a chocolate with gofio … Once you taste them you won’t be able to stop!

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Selection of Canarian craft beers

Canarian craft beers are of excellent quality. They are a totally natural product and do not contain additives or preservatives. They are produced through a natural process from malted cereals, water, yeast and hops. In some varieties, other natural raw materials are also added in order to give them specific aromas and flavors.

Find and buy the perfect Canarian craft beer for your taste

Enjoy this selection of the best craft beers from Tenerife and other Canary Islands.Try them all!

Sweeten your day with our delicious Canarian Artisan Chocolates

Get out of the routine and indulge yourself with one of these tasty handmade chocolates from the Canary Islands. Enjoy the typical flavors of the gastronomy of our Islands melted in the best artisan chocolate.

Buy artisan Canarian chocolate with all the flavor of the Canary Islands

Try our variety of artisan chocolate with aromas so characteristic of the Canary Islands such as gofio, mojo picón, semi-cured cheese or papas negras (black potatoes). Surprise by giving away a box of artisan chocolates with a selection of the best flavors of the Canary Islands. Don’t think twice and choose the one you like the most.They are perfect for any occasion!

Selection of Canarian Liquors, Rums and Drink

What better way to toast than with a good Canarian liquor? Enjoy the appreciated rums of the Islands and discover the Canarian vermouth that Martin Berasategui fell in love with. We assure you that you choose the Canarian liquor you choose, you will not be disappointed. They are made with the best quality raw materials to guarantee excellent results.Don’t miss them!

The best Canarian jams

Include quality Canarian products in your diet, such as these delicious artisanal and natural Canarian jams. Made with selected fresh fruit, of the best quality and grown in our land. They are perfect both for pastries and to combine with other savory products such as a table of the fantastic cheeses of the Islands.

Try our variety of Canarian artisan jam flavors

Taste the variety of flavors of artisan jam. We offer Canarian products of the best quality, which contain a high percentage of fruit. Try them all, you won’t regret it.

Great variety of Mojos Canarios

Mojo Canario is one of the gastronomic treasures of the Canary Islands. It is nationally and internationally known and appreciated. Their different varieties of flavor and intensity of the heat make them suitable for all types of palates and foods.

¡Buy the best mojo canario! Mojo picón, mild, green…

Have our selection of Canarian mojos in your pantry and take advantage of the great versatility they offer. They are perfect to accompany meat, fish, cheese, wrinkled potatoes, bread … Use them in traditional Canarian cuisine or add them to many other dishes to enrich them. Do not forget to try them, you will love them!

Would you like to buy personalize Baskets with Canarian products?

We also make personalized baskets with Canarian items. They are perfect to give on a special occasion to your family and friends or as a Christmas basket to congratulate your workers on the Holidays. Give something different and succeed by giving the flavor of our Earth.

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