Acorn-fed Bellota Chest




With this fantastic trunk you will surely make the perfect gift:

1 Acorn-fed Bellota 50% Iberian Breed 4-5 kg ​​Alonso Benito (Salamanca)

2 Pieces of 500 gr 100% Iberian chorizo ​​Alonso Benito (Salamanca)

3 Iberian mix plate 5J cut by hand (jabugo)

4 Majorero cured goat cheese (La Oliva)

5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 olive trees (Albacete)

6 Can of Northern Mussels La Brújula Nº24 (Pontevedra)

7 Scallop Pate Agromar (Asturias)

8 Barrel Red Viña Estévez 50% Slimy Black, 40% Vijariego Black, 10% Listán Negro (Tacoronte Acentejo)

If any of the products is not available, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.


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