Asio Otus canariensis White wine – Endemic Winery


Clean and shiny steel, austere and subtle aromas, and a mouth to kiss.
With an innovative and unique design, we present Asio Otus canariensis, a blend of white varieties and from two very different territories.


An Albillo Criollo from the highlands of Garafía at more than 1000 meters of altitude on the island of La Palma and a Verijadiego blanca on the slopes of Frontera on the island of El Hierro.

A dry white wine fermented at low temperature and aged for 6 months on its own lees. Time does the rest. Spartan in aromas it is in the mouth where all the sensations and emotions explode and where you want to fall again.

A blend of power and elegance, far from commercial and global. An archipelago wine, of territory, full of personality and character.

Vintage: 2018.
Production: 450 bottles.


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