Gift basket “an afternoon with friends”




The ideal box for that afternoon with friends


Craft beer Rofe style Bock by Malpeis (Malpeis)
Craft beer by Jeito Crean Ale style (Los Realejos)
Craft beer Ronnie biggs Chutney style brown ale (La Laguna)
Craft beer Willie Sutton Chutney American style pale ale (La Laguna)
Craft beer La Armada Citra golden ale style (La Laguna)
Craft beer Galotia Brewing Ska (Las Palmas)
Blood Sausage Pate Arbelyal (Asturias)
Artisanal semi-cured goat cheese with gofio de millo Valdiro (Fuerteventura)
Pepper Jam Isla Bonita (Gran Canaria)
Isla Bonita Mango Jam (Gran Canaria)
Belgian artisan dark chocolate bar with pistachio and red berries Benoush (SC Tenerife)
Cristal bread sandwiches in olive oil Casa Abad
Almonds with gofio Canarias (Gran Canaria)

If any of the products is not available, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.


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