Red Sweet George Glas



Natural sweet wine made in 2015 with Listán Negro grapes previously sunny for ten days. Then he stepped on his feet for two days intermittently. Its fermentation was interrupted with the addition of wine alcohol to maintain 110 g/l of natural sugars. Since then, it has rested in barrels in oxidative aging together with a batch (10%) of sweet wine from the 2012 harvest that was destroyed by the heat and from which we were only able to save a few clusters.


  • Colour: Medium layer, clean and bright, with a dull tone due to its oxidative ageing.
  • Aroma: Notes of candied fruit, spicy character (liquorice and black pepper) typical of the varietal, nuances of oxidative aging, coffee and toasted.
  • Mouth: Persistent, enveloping, long and with an acidity that balances its natural sugars.


Alcohol content: 16% Vol. Residual Sugars: 105g/L Total tartaric acidity: 5.81g/L Total Sulfur: 42mg/L


  • 2021. Mondial Des Vins Extremes-CERVIM. Prayed
  • 2021. Bacchus (Spain). Prayed


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