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Get to know a winery in La Victoria (Tenerife): Visit the Viña Estévez Winery

Viña Estévez S. L. is a family winery that belongs to the Tacoronte-Acentejo denomination of origin and is located in the municipality of La Victoria de Acentejo, in the north of Tenerife.

Since 1919, the family of Daniel Estévez and Avelina Pérez and their ancestors already made red wine from the region, which was aged in oak and chestnut barrels and later sold in bulk.

The winery, as it is today, emerged in 2001, as a new generational change project in which Diego and María Elena, with the support of their parents, decided to take over the family winery and turn it into a limited partnership, introducing the children and grandchildren as shareholders of the new entity.

Visit its vineyards in La Victoria and know its grape varieties in Tenerife

The grapes are produced and harvested in the municipality of La Victoria de Acentejo, in the following farms:

  • “La Puente”, located at about 500 meters of altitude, with 3.6 hectares of vineyard on a trellis that has already been converted and currently planted with Baboso Negro.
  • “San Juan”, which is 450 meters above sea level with 2 hectares of traditional trellised vineyards, where we collect the Listán Negro.
  • “La Potigaiga” located about 550 meters above sea level with 3.6 hectares of Vijariego Negro.

Discover a winery in Arafo (Tenerife): Visit the Hermanos Mesa Winery

The Hermanos Mesa winery is a family Canarian winery, with a lot of tradition, located in the municipality of Arafo, in the south of the island of Tenerife and belongs to the Valle de Güimar denomination of origin.

The Bodega Hnos Mesa began its journey more than 70 years ago. Its founder, José Mesa, began to cultivate the vine in the highlands of Arafo, in a place known as Lo Cartas. In principle, the wine was transported to the capital of Tenerife to exchange for other essential products during the post-war period.

Get to know its vineyards in El Valle de Güimar

His son, Tomás Mesa, continued his father’s work and modernized and professionalized the winery. He introduced new methods and began to bottle the wine, under the brand name VIÑAS MESA. It was the first winery in the municipality of Arafo to receive the Valle de Güimar Denomination of Origin.

Enjoy a winery in La Orotava (Tenerife): Visit La Araucaria Winery

La Araucaria Winery is located in El Valle de La Orotava, in the north of the island of Tenerife and arises as a renovation of the old Montijo Winery, from the middle of the last century, with a new direction, purpose, goal and philosophy.

The winery shows maximum respect for the environment, treating the crops in the most ecological way possible, using natural products such as: sulfur, bentonite, horsetail, diatoms, cinnamon, etc. and without the use of herbicides or other chemicals.

Given the orography of Tenerife, its cultivation plots are small terraces open to the sea and impossible to mechanize and are located in El Valle de La Orotava, at altitudes between 400 and 800 m. The vineyards, planted in clayey-stony soils of volcanic origin, are generally more than one hundred years old and have an approximate density of 1,000 plants / Ha.

A maxim of the winery is to do “greater care in the field and less intervention in the winery” so they carry out a manual and selective harvest, in which the bunches that meet the necessary requirements are cut, according to the type of wine that you will elaborate. Thanks to this, an optimal fermentation is achieved in the winery, without the need to add yeasts and a minimum supply of sulphites.

Visit La Araucaria winery

This project emerged 20 years ago, in the bosom of a family dedicated to agriculture and the production of homemade and artisan wines on the island of Tenerife. The name of the winery comes from the name of one of the most important parts of the vine, since without it grafts could not be made.

In 2017 CÁMBIUM was born and in his first vintage of the wines from this Tenerife winery it was a limited edition, of approximately 500 bottles of its white varieties (Albillo and Vijariego Blanco) and 600 bottles of its red varieties (Listán Negro and Vijariego Negro) aged for 3 months in French oak barrels.

In 2018, the number of white and red bottles tripled due to their good acceptance. In this same year, they presented the wine CÁMBIUM Latido a Latido Blanco in an international competition where it was awarded a silver medal.

In 2019, due to the lack of production they cannot make the CÁMBIUM Latido a Latido blanco, CÁMBIUM Las Canales was born, a new project from a new plot located in the Las Canales neighborhood, in Icod de los Vinos, the varieties Listán Blanco 85% and Malvasía Aromática 15% aged on its lees for 3 months and 2 batonages weekly.

In 2021, CÁMBIUM Latido a Latido Blanco will be on the market again, since the varieties necessary to produce it will be generated on their own farms.

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